Oxney Diary

2 March 2015

Spring is here (and… we have finished pruning!)

Spring is here (and… we have finished pruning!) picture

We have finished pruning and have a lovely and tidy looking vineyard (and a slightly painful right hand – next year I will get those electrical secateurs). A few days after the final cut and Spring arrived on March 1st with a brilliant day – sunny and warm and we all felt very optimistic. Is this the sign that 2015 will be another amazing year.

The vines’ buds are swelling and in preparation we have invested in a weather station and some pallets of anti-frost candles. Once we have bud burst a frost can be devastating so the weather station will send an SMS if it drops below zero, we will fall out of bed to dash around the vineyard in the middle of the night lighting hundreds of large candles.

During the winter the winery has been buzzing too. The still rosé is finished and is now in bottles ready for labelling and marketing. The sparkling wine is going through its second fermentation in the bottle. It is an impressive sight. And, exciting to think we’ll have a bottle of our own wine soon.

Both wines benefited tremendously from a fabulous summer in 2014. We had warm, sunny days all through summer and our vines produced delicious, ripe grapes brimming with flavour. The fresh, dry rosé has aromas and flavours of English summer fruit; raspberry and strawberry with a crisp finish.

We’re nearly ready to receive visitors and we can’t wait to share a glass of rosé with you.