Oxney Diary

15 November 2017

Santa Claus is coming to…

Santa Claus is coming to… picture

Standing in for Father Christmas we are delivering Classic 2015 in Sussex, Kent and London between 13-15 December 2017.  Delivery to the same location of a case or more is free. A range of gift wrap options are also available to make a bottle of Oxney that extra special for your friends and relatives: Add a good looking single bottle wooden wine box with the Oxney logo is £7.50. Or, opt for the gift wrap option for a case of six bottles for £7.50.  Wines boxed or wrapped come with a gift tag which we can also write for you, as well as an information sheet.  Wine bought (or ordered) before Christmas benefit from 10% discount on a case of six bottles.  A bottle of Classic 2015 is £35.00, buying a case of six makes the bottle price £31.50 and a case is £189.00 (normally £210.00).  Email wine@oxneyestate.com to let us know which options you are interested in.

Interested in lamb? We are also delivering lamb to our lamb box customers on the same delivery round. If you would like a half lamb box (£70) or a whole lamb box (£140) of lovely organic lamb butchered into chops, legs, shoulders etc let us know.  Our lamb is incredibly popular – nothing tastes quite like grass fed organic lamb.