Oxney Diary

Oxney receives funding

Oxney receives funding picture

Bellhurst Farm, the partnership started by Paul Dobson and Kristin Syltevik when they launched their organic farming and vineyard venture in 2009, has received a grant from the Rural Development Programme for England. The grant is from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, managed by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the Wealden and Rother Rural Partnership Local Action Group. It will support the partnership twofold: Firstly, it is running a project to increase yields in the arable operation and the grant will enable the estate to purchase a very innovative piece of farming technology from Sweden. Secondly, the winery team is diversifying into organic sparkling cider, and the grant will enable it to invest in cider making equipment. Fantastic news for the team here at Bellhurst Farm and Oxney Organic Estate!

“Arable technology is advancing at a rapid phase and organic farming is especially benefiting from innovative machinery such as System Cameleon from Gothia Redskap in Sweden,” says Paul Dobson. “We are incredibly grateful that we have been given this grant and can invest in such amazing technology.”