Oxney Emblem

Oxney Organic Estate is a modern mixed organic farm with vineyards, farms and holiday cottages in Kent and East Sussex. A sustainable and natural approach underpins the whole estate – from generating our own heat from coppiced wood chip through to a natural approach to disease control in the vineyard using wild herbs and plants.  The estate is run by the owners, Kristin Syltevik and Paul Dobson. Paul is responsible for the arable operation while Kristin is responsible for the vineyard and our holiday cottages.

The farm

Oxney Organic Estate is located on the East Sussex and Kent borders along the Rother River. Grassland, arable fields, vineyards and coppiced woods covering 850 acres slope down to the Rother river valley that dominate the landscape between Rye and Tenterden. Bordering the river are traditional meadows which flood regularly over the winter and attract a large variety of birds, both migratory and local. Sustainable organic farming that minimises the use of fossil fuels, uses no herbicides and pesticides and focuses on natural methods is at the centre of our farm practices.